Counselling, Support, & Housing Help

Community Based Support

Experiencing hurt and control in a relationship can leave us feeling alone and isolated. We can feel like it’s our fault. That we did something to deserve it. There can be shame, blame, and fear that can affect our day to day lives.

Being heard and believed, can help.

You may have already separated.  You may have stayed at the Emergency Shelter.  You may have been sexually assaulted. You may be together or living with the person who harmed you.  You don’t have to leave to talk about it.

If you’d like:

  • Support to manage the effects of abuse
  • Help to cope with sexual abuse you’ve experienced
  • To make a plan for your safety
  • Help to support your children
  • Information about and support through Family Court
  • To find a safer place to live – a Home of Your Own
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Please call. We can help.

1.800.265.4305 or 519.633.0155

Community-based Counselling, Support, and Housing Help are available by appointment.

Monday to Friday 9am to 9pm.

To make sure you can reach us from anywhere across St. Thomas and Elgin County, let us know if you need transportation. We can arrange safe pick up and return at no cost.

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“Rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation.
Healing is an act of communion.”

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