Who We Are

We are a compassionate community

Rooted in possibility and sustained by beautiful circles of community love.  We work in the service of mighty women and their children as they pursue their hopes for safer lives.

We are a hope centred bunch of folks who are steadfast and accountable.

We seek to change our corner of the world by working together with so many mighty souls to create safer communities for all. For every woman. For every child. In every home.

We recognize the global reality of gender-based violence is grown at the intersections of systemic inequities that violate and harm communities and people.  We know, though sometimes forget, that social change takes generations and is the sum of many bright moments of light – that came before, are present now, and are yet to come.

We don’t locate the problem of nor responsibility for abuse and hurt within women experiencing harm.  It’s not our fault.  We are not to blame for the behaviour of the person we know and often love.  We did not ‘ask for it.’  We did not ‘put up with it.’  We do not deserve it.  We stay grounded in these truths.

Leafs Leafs

A community you can count on.

A community that supports and sustains women and children. That engages in dialogue, partnership. innovation, and action. Learning from one another and together creating changes in our corner of the world necessary for equity and liberation to flourish for generations to come.